ATTENTION AFFILIATE MARKETERS: If you have ever found yourself wishing you could massively increase the affiliate earnings from your review site and dominate your competitors……

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Finally, Here Is A Simple Plugin That Is Guaranteed To Increase Your Affiliate Sales By 800% And Turn Your Review Website Into A Real Cash Magnet.

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Dear affiliate marketer ,

If I can show you how to increase the revenues from affiliate sales on your review site by 800% without you putting in any extra work, would you grab the opportunity?

If you answered YES to this question, then keep reading, as this will be the best letter you would read this year…


I am going to show you a simple plugin that is guaranteed to increase the sales you generate from your review website by 800% and above if put to use.

You will agree with me that making good sales from your affiliate products is becoming harder by the day no matter how much effort and time you put in to give a real review that will help your visitors.

The reason is simple: most reviewers  are only satisfying one of the needs of their visitors.

Your readers don’t just want to know the best products available; they also want to know the different prices of the product from different retailers, so they can go for the best offer.


So when they visit your website, they will read your reviews . But to place an order, they will go to other websites to search for the best price offer and end up buying there.

You thus lose the sale!


If you want to ensure that most if not all your visitors place their orders from the affiliate links on your website……

Then you should in addition to giving your visitors the best review , also give them opportunity to see and compare prices from different retailers, all from your website

If you can do this, then your affiliate revenues will simply jump through the roof …..

….and this is exactly what The Affiliate Dream (TAD) PLUGIN is going to help you achieve.


TAD plugin enables you to automatically add offers from different retailers on your review post, so that your readers can immediately choose the best offer and place the order using your affiliate link.


So once your visitors are convinced about a particular product you reviewed , they will see the various prices from various retailers, choose the best price and place the order there and then, without leaving your website.

Of course you should know the result……….. Your affiliate sales will begin to skyrocket!


TAD Plugin Is A Must-Have, If You Are Serious About Making Huge Profit From Your Review Website…..And Here Is Why

No matter the retailer you are affiliating with, this plugin will automatically pull offers from them and show it on your review post so your readers can quickly make a buying decision.

  • TAD Plugin automatically adds offers from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, eBay and Newegg. So it covers most physical products.
  • It also automatically adds offers from Clickbank to your website so you can market information products.
  • You can add offers yourself from JVzoo or Warrior Plus as there is no pull of price with their APIs.
  • For small retailers, you can easily customize the options to add offers from them too


Setting up TAD plugin is also very easy…….no technicalities involved

You can easily setup and customize the TAD plugin buttons to match the color and feel of your review website so that your website will retain its beautiful design.

In just two simple setup steps, your review website will be turned into an ATM machine that will rake in the type of sales you have never experienced since you started the review business.

  • Step One: Select the affiliate networks you want to display their offers
  • Step Two: Enter your affiliate link and that is all.

It’s so simple right?

Yes! One fact I have come to understand is that techniques, strategies or applications that bring massive results are always very simple………too simple that people overlook it.


Other smart affiliate marketers who have discovered TAD plugin and have deployed it on their review website are already enjoying the benefits that it brings.


  • They now make money from their affiliate sales without putting extra effort
  • They are now able to afford the type of lifestyle they dream of since they now earn more money
  • They now look more trustworthy. Yes, visitors no longer see them as greedy people who are after sales, but rather see them as people who sincerely want them to make the right choice
  • Their website visitors are now happier and more addicted to their website as it saves them the time and stress of going all over the web looking for the best offer
  • The now enjoy free advert and higher traffic as their satisfied visitors don’t hesitate to share the website with their friends on social media
  • And lots more


Just Pause A Do A Quick Calculation Of What Your Monthly Earnings Will Be If It Is Increased By 800%
Does the figure you get look impossible achieve?

Well, it is very possible, because ordinary people who I am sure you are even smarter than saw their earnings jump by 800% on installing and using TAD on their website.

These people work less than you do, but earn more because TAD doesn’t let them lose any potential customer like you currently do.

TAD is built to ensure you beat the usual 10% conversion rate on your affiliate promotions and start having over 80% conversion.

Yes, 800% conversion.

This means if you have 1000 visitors to your website and they make a purchase through your affiliate link which brings in $3 commission on every sale, you will earn $300 without TAD.

But if you are using TAD, the figure will jump from $300 to $2,400 without you adding any extra effort.

Isn’t that what you want?

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You don’t have to believe everything we are saying about TAD plugin… are what these smart affiliate marketers who are using TAD plugin are saying about it





Now the question is:

Would you want to continue earning little from your review website when you have all it takes to earn more?
The answer is up to you.

But if you are like most other smart affiliate marketers out there, you would want to earn the maximum you can from your efforts and TAD plugin will help you achieve just that.


Imagine increasing your current earnings by 800% or more without having to put in extra effort.

If that is what you want, then don’t hesitate to buy this amazing and result-pulling plugin now.

How much does it cost?

To get an idea of how much this plugin is worth, I want you to remember again, how much your review website is currently earning for you in a month.

Have you done that?

Now multiply it by eight.

The answer you got is what TAD plugin is truly worth to you. I am sure this figure will be running in thousands of dollars.

But guess what?

I am not going to charge you anything near that. NO!

I am an affiliate marketer myself and I understand how hard we work and how much we spend to be able to bring in sales………so I don’t intend adding to your expense.

But you also know that I am not going to give the plugin to you for free because it cost me money and time to get it developed.

So here is the deal …..

Pay just $27 now and TAD plugin will be yours to turn your review website into an ATM machine.

Sounds crazy right?

Well, I’m not crazy, it is my contribution to the affiliate marketers’ community for having taught me so much and helping me earn a full time living online.

But there is a condition attached to this offer

You have to be among the first 20 people to order for it before you can get it at $47.

Yes…and I’m dead serious about it.

I want this plugin to be owned by very few people who sincerely want to increase their revenue by 800% or more….and who wants to dominate their competitors.

After the first 20 people orders, I will simply place a barrier to buying it by increasing the price to $500.

So if you want to get it at $27, you need to place your order right now because as you are reading this, others are also reading it and placing their orders.

Just a little delay and this offer will pass you by.

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Besides, there is no risk involved in buying this plugin right now.

Yes, if you buy TAD plugin and you are not happy with it for any reason, just let me know within 30 days and I will refund you every penny.

You know why?

Because I am confident of the results that TAD plugin will pull in for you.

So what else could be your reason not to buy it right now?

The only people who see this type of opportunity and refuse to grab it are those who are satisfied with their current affiliate earnings and are not ready to increase it, or those who love buying when the price is very high.

If you are like these people, you are welcome not to buy it now.

But if you are like the rest of us that:

  • Want more and more money from our efforts
  • Love buying products when its price is lowest
  • Then don’t waste any further time thinking. Just place the order now before the 20 slots  are taken up.

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I give you my word that you will be back to give your amazing testimonies when you use TAD plugin on your review website.

Cordially yours,


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PS: If you choose to buy now , you pay $27 (a savings of $273). But if you choose to buy later, you will pay $300. So make the right choice by buying it now.

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