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Dear Reader,

Have you ever felt like  your business is always at the mercy of the affiliate God's and there was nothing really you could do about it?

Have you ever felt cheated and frustrated due to changes in the terms of marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and felt like you had that no matter how much you tried , you always had beat the whip of those commission changes and not say or do a thing about it?

Do you feel that really don't give bananas about your affiliate business and did whatever was convenient and made the most quid for them? That extra bit of control and choice felt so evasive and no all the odds seemed bent towards them...until now

Most bloggers focus only on Amazon, because they believe that it's most viable. Others see and want to use the many other much better options but don't have a solution to integrate into their website and marketing efforts

They've never had a reliable solution for earning affiliate commissions that supports various affiliate networks

Introducing TAD Plugin

The revolutionary WordPress plug-in, that allows bloggers, affiliate marketers

 and niche website owners to place a product available on multiple

marketplaces onto a single affiliate offer

Our technology allows you to promote more than affiliate link at once and give your future customers choices and have you decide the most offer to promote. It offers you the chance to provide REAL VALUE to your reader without having to make your page seem ugly or being salesy.

It gives you choice to be YOUR OWN BOSS FOR ONCE

Here are the NEW options TAD Plugin will provide

With TAD Plugin you will be able to


Add multiple options from various marketplaces.

Automatically import and compaire offer from your select marketplaces. Your offers may be marketplaces pay the best commissions per sale or also simply offering your readers many viable options to choose from


Add the smaller affiliate network offers in your local area 

Some affiliate networks do not have APIs. Our solution allows you to include their offers in your content so your readers can get the best options you recommend no matter the source.

You now are able to add products from the like of: Asos, Gymshark, NewLook, Bohoo, Pretty Little Things and many more!



Multiple offer Presentation Options

Present your product to your buyers' delight with our numerous methods of presenting your offer.

​Whether you have a product from 2 marketplaces or 10, provide your readers a fuller selection to choose from and change their thinking from "Yes or No" to "YES, now which one?" Always get the sale.

​TadPlugin empowers you to present your offer in a variety of sale producing designs and view styles.

Simultaneous presentation - For demonstration only

​Your options presented together in front of your hard to get targeted traffic - giving them easy to click through choices and preventing the loss of a sale to their continued search for suppliers and/or deals

Sequential presentation - For demonstration only

you want to reduce the chosen difficulty toward the high priced products (as we called it H products)

​​​​Categories list presentation - For demonstration only

you deal with very popular products and have many options for your visitors

How to get the best ROI% of your offers by the Multiple offer Presentation Options ?


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Easy organized Affiliate link Management

​Posting and managing links can feel chaotic, especially when blogging regularly. With TadPlugin, you'll be able to manage your links and offers with ease.

  • Schedule your offers

Add your offers one time then forget them

  • Choose the right presentation option for every post

Every post has a  different strategy to optimize your ROI %

  • Highlight the best offers

Catch your visitors' attention and make their buying decision easily

The front end of the highlighted offer looks like 


Multiple offers on buttons optimized for devices of all sizes

TAD Plugin is compatible with Mobile and Smart devices 


Increase sales and create loyal customers

Your best readers are those who value your content, advice and know you really care about them. The extra personal touch with your added options reminds them that you have their best interest at heart and wins them over.

TAD Plugin Demo

​See This Plugin In Action - Right Now

Get Your Copy at our discounted beta price!

Normally $147 - Today Only $27 (Beta Version)

Secure Payment


Manage and Present your Multiple Options by TAD system guide

Get the best ROI % from your options ... 

$30 Value FREE

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Genius Plugin 

What a unique opportunity having seen this plugin develop into the gem it is today! This strategic acquisition is build suited for websites that provide credible information and reviews to its reader and offers its reader options for purchase

I recommend the plugin for website owner seeking a straight forward shopping price comparison feature as a call to action device and especially for savvy marketers who can use the plugin as part of a strategic overall funnel for their own product lines and services or even hybrid affiliate / personal sales combo packages which, with the aid of this plugin, can be quite lucrative given the proper traffic.

Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado

Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado

Get Your Copy at our discounted beta price!

Normally $147 - Today Only $27 (Beta Version)

Secure Payment

Order your copy today, so you don't miss out on our special offer!

P.s:  We are  still in BETA right now and our team of experienced developers are actively working on adding new features.  

We are committed to providing the best solution out to affiliates. Our solutions works for all affiliates in the world who target USA and UK as a first target market. 

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Your license key works is applicable for one website. To use on other websites, you need to purchase an additional license key. We do offer bulk discounts. Contact support with your request

Is there a discount for non-profit organization and educational institutions?

We do offer a 30% discount to non-profits. We're glad to help a worthy and do our part. To apply, contact us at describing your organization along with proof of registration.

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