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Introduction to TAD Plugin (Affiliate Marketing Startup)

The Affiliate Dream Plugin - Innovative WayYou’re here to discover one of the most ambitious startups in the affiliate marketing industry that would like to disappear the ways of difficulties for affiliates who are working on different marketplaces – no technical work after today for better, faster, and stronger bloggers.Our

Yes! Rakuten RapidAPI Empowers TAD Plugin

Rakuten RapidAPI Empowers The Affiliate Dream PluginRakuten RapidAPI is the world's largest API marketplace with 10,000+ third-party APIs and used by over 1,000,000 active developers. They enable developers to build transformation apps through the power of all APIs in one place, which begins our innovative

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Do marketplaces have too much control over affiliates and how they promote their offers?

Nowadays, the relationship between the bloggers/affiliates and the different marketplaces has tremendous significance due to the current changes in the affiliate marketing industry. Those changes had to make affiliates change their strategies over the time in the previous two years.The negative attitude is the most

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