Yes! Rakuten RapidAPI Empowers TAD Plugin

Rakuten RapidAPI Empowers The Affiliate Dream Plugin

Rakuten RapidAPI is the world's largest API marketplace with 10,000+ third-party APIs and used by over 1,000,000 active developers. They enable developers to build transformation apps through the power of all APIs in one place, which begins our innovative way to add more business value for bloggers.

With TAD Plugin developments that have been running for many years, we recognized the value of web APIs to our developments as a core structure of our tool. Therefore, the TAD Plugin needs API Marketplace to localize the developmental efforts and be more productive in the whole industry.

As Jed describes,

"Today, developers recognize the value of web APIs, but the whole industry is completely fragmented… we see a marketplace platform as democratizing access for all API providers,"

- Jed Ng -

TAD Plugin team has a mission for Better, Faster, and Stronger Affiliate bloggers who must have the profitability for their business in 2020.

The next points describe TAD Plugin team's challenges to help bloggers add more value to their businesses at the next stage:

  1. Add more Retails APIs to achieve better commissions from different marketplaces
  2. Develop more features using APIs to build a professional relationship between bloggers and their visitors as a customer-oriented tool

BUT, how can bloggers use the recent integration of Email marketing with their strategies?

TAD Plugin team has integrated two Email APIs (SendGridDeBounce) to help bloggers with one of the most effective traditional marketing techniques.

Emails APIs from SendGrid and DeBounce allow bloggers to achieve a simple task of email validation and create more engagement by sending the current offers to their visitors.

With Rakuten RapidAPI, the TAD Plugin team can build a transformation tool for bloggers to help them in their marketing strategies to overcome the challenges in the market.

We created an e-book to help bloggers to plan their strategies in the HOLIDAY SEASON 2020 by using TAD Plugin as the first strategic management tool.

Marketing Calendar For Bloggers


Build And Manage Your Strategies By Using The Affiliate Dream Plugin - The First Strategic Management Tool For Bloggers

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